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The Community of Sahel-Saharan States (CEN-SAD) is a regional organization comprising 28 African states. It was created 4 February 1998 in Tripoli (Libya) at the end of the summit of heads of state of Libya, Mali, Niger, Sudan and Chad. The President of Burkina Faso was represented.
The operation of the organization is subject to 5 key bodies, including the Conference of Leaders and Heads of State, which meets once a year and alternately rotating presidency in different state capitals, the Executive Board, responsible for the preparation Additional programs and plans and the implementation of decisions of the Conference of leaders and heads of State. The Secretariat, meanwhile, is responsible for the daily management and monitoring of the functioning of the various institutions of the Community. The Bank Sahelo Saharan Investment and Trade is responsible for financing economic development projects and finally the Economic, Social and Cultural dedicated to the development of policies, plans and programs for social and cultural economic member countries.
Noting the low level of economic integration and motivated by a desire to remedy this situation, the founders of the regional grouping aim the establishment of an economic union, the promotion of foreign trade transport facilitation and communication between member countries, harmonization of education systems and promote peace and security.
In this area, marked by political instability and economic fragility, CEN-SAD, since the Ouagadougou Summit in 2005 has multiplied the initiatives to set up structures able to help strategic sectors to image of agriculture, finance and transportation. In this sense, it was decided to create a 'high water authority, agriculture and seed' .L'objectif is to enable member countries to develop their agriculture through better management of water resources and seed selection.
To facilitate trade and open up the CEN-SAD space, members of this organization have decided to study the construction of a railway line connecting Libya, Chad, Niger with suspenders to Burkina Faso, Mali and Senegal.
The issue of security and stability figures prominently in the agenda of CEN-SAD. To this end, two draft agreements were prepared: the first is security cooperation. The second relates to the mechanism for the prevention, management and conflict resolution.
Other issues are always on the agenda of the organization in this case the creation of a Free Trade Area and the Common Market of agricultural products.
CEN-SAD was also granted observer status at the UN General Assembly under Resolution No. A / RES / 56/92 of the United Nations General Assembly. Since then, the CEN-SAD has concluded partnership agreements with many regional and international organizations in order to strengthen the collective work in many areas (political, cultural, economic and social).

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